The Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Easy to Maintain Stone.


Soapstone from quarryIf you're looking for a low maintenance, durable, heat resistant natural stone for your countertop or fire place, Soapstone is your answer! Soapstone is almost as hard as marble, and the perks continue. Since soapstone is slightly more malleable than  marble, useful things, like a drainboard, can be built directly into your counter! Soapstone can withstand the heat of a pan right off the stove and is bacteria resistant.

Soapstone is a closed pore rock that will not stain or etch. Acidic drinks and foods are no match this counter and will clean up without a trace.   It is chemical resistant.   Soapstone comes in a limited color range. The color variance and veining are determined by the other minerals within the rock. Apply the mineral oil to darken the stone and bring out the vibrancy of the veins. Mineral oil application or enhancer will help the stone darken over time in a more consistent manner.

Black Soapstone

Color Family: Black
Black Soapstone becomes very dark when treated with Food Grade Mineral Oil or Soapstone Enhancer. Soapstone is known for heat resistance and easy care of sanding any scratches out with sand paper, then oiling to cover scratch and eliminate the problem.

Green Soapstone

Color Family: Green
Green untreated soapstone will show its distinctive pattern after it's treated with food grade mineral oil or soapstone enhancer.

Mystic Soapstone

Color Family: Green
Mystic Soapstone has high contrast movement that just pops when oiled.